Welcome to Ginger Moon a modern eatery inspired by the people of Bali and Indonesia, and the myriad tropical ingredients which make the island's cuisine so exciting.

“Where in Bali?” Seminyak, and especially “Eat Street”, is the hub of Bali’s renowned dining scene and ourModern Asian Canteen is at its heart. An air-conditioned oasis on an otherwise bustling street, Ginger Moon is a warm and welcoming restaurant, and from the moment you are greeted our friendly and professional service team with their naturally caring Balinese hospitality make even the most weary of travelers feel at home.

"It's a Sharing Thing!”

The beating heart of Ginger Moon is first class chef Dean Keddell. “We use regional flavours and ingredients and present them in fun and exciting ways, the presentation remains familiar whilst the flavors firmly remind you where you are in the world.”

Dean spent many years travelling the globe and he says he learnt one very important thing, “Whenever people share a meal with friends, family or loved ones, this is when they are at their happiest.”

So with this in mind, when dining at Ginger Moon order several dishes to share, take your time and relax, your experience will be all the better for it.

"When in Bali"

A creative list of locally-inspired alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, and several icy cold beers, are on offer to complement Ginger Moon’s cuisine. A small and surprisingly varied wine list keeps things interesting for wine connoisseurs and of course there is an innovative fresh tropical juice menu, a loose leaf tea list and we also make great coffee!

We all look forward to welcoming you to Ginger Moon

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Highlights from the Ginger Moon Menu 2017

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    Cauliflower Pizza

    Surprisingly rectangular; enhanced with whole crispy curry leaves.

  • blog-img

    Half Moon Steamed Buns at the WWW

    Dean's homage to the internets...

  • Duck Dumpling

    Very Good Luck
    (unless you're the duck!)

  • Bali Nachos

    Mouth watering and really very pretty. "A Triumph" - Dame Edna

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    Mother-in-Law's Chicken Curry

    Sells so well I hope she's on commission!

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    Gado Gado

    Classic Balinese dish, flavoured with herbs from our extensive rooftop gardens!

Ginger Moon is a new kid on the block - but the Aussie chef behind it certainly isn't ... Dean Keddell has almost three decades of experience behind him.. he founded Bali's famous Gado Gado but this is his first venture into his own business and according to Rob Broadfield this eatery should be on your list of must-trys.

"I think they like the fact that you can still recognise the food, it is Indonesian influenced but it's still recognisable i haven't hidden it so much that no one knows what they're eating" Dean says.

And that's reflected in the menu - Bali on a plate, with all the twists and turns you'd expect from a chef like Dean - beef redang pizza that'll set you back just $9 and there is Dean's babi guling pork bun

"That's the flavours of Bali, the flavours of Bali exactly what it is, it's not even the flavours of Indonesia, it's so indigenous to here" Rob says.

Dean Keddell, a long-term presence in Sydney restaurant kitchens has been in Bali seven years, but only recently opened modern Asian eatery Ginger Moon.

It is already getting some promising reviews, so put it on the growing list of places to visit.

Ginger Moon serves modern Asian food a step away from the madness of endless streams of cars and motorbikes, sometimes including a family of five with a baby and a chicken!

Australian chef Dean Keddell explains the challenges. "Bali in some instances is a million miles away from home," he says. "Consistent and varied produce is difficult to find. A reliance on imported items by restaurants and hotels and the local government rulings are at odds with each other - this can make things very difficult and in some cases very expensive.

"There are no apprenticeships in Bali for cooks, so the only real way to have good staff is to train them yourself, which is a very slow but rewarding process."


Chef/Owner Dean Keddell With over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, Dean Keddell is a professional with extensive set up and operational experience in restaurants, resorts and luxury hotels. Dean has held the position of Executive Chef as well as General Manager in numerous celebrated establishments in several countries around the globe. As a partner in his latest enterprise Dean has drawn on all his years of experience and conceptualized Ginger Moon, a modern Asian canteen focussing strongly on the foods of Indonesia and Bali in particular. 
Dean was born in New Zealand, and moved to a small country town in Australia with his family at the age of 10.  At 16 he started an apprenticeship in a local hotel and after completing his 1st year, and with the basic skills to get his foot in the door, it was off to Melbourne. Since then the urge to discover, explore and create has taken Dean to many interesting places. 
Dean’s style of cooking is fresh, light and truly inspirational. The people of Bali and the foods they love to eat and share have help write his menus at Ginger Moon. Dean's ultimately aim is to create everlasting memories with one of life's simplest but greatest pleasures - food. He strives to make people understand they should live to eat and not the other way around, sharing great food with friends or your loved ones are truly memories to be treasured. 
Dean also is a strong advocate for teaching and coaxing others to be the best they can be. He spends a lot of time focussed on improving the futures of the people around him by giving them the skills and confidence they need to excel at whatever they put their minds to. 
For more information Dean can be contacted directly:  


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